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  1. You should not use drugs like cocaine and heroin.
  2. You ought to study English to communicate with a foreigner.
  3. They should be made to repay the money that they stole.
  4. Its odd that you ought to mention him.
  5. Youd better leave now before you cause any move trouble.
  6. Youd better give me your telephone number in case someone wants to contact you.
  7. Your best plan would be to spend a few days in Tanjung Malim.
  8. Do be careful !
  9. You should tell me who stole my money?
  10. You did right to tell me what they were doing.
  11. The medicine will make you feel better.
  12. You should not drink beverage wine alcohol like Carlsberg and champagne.
  13. You better dont smoke in the school compound.
  14. I am glad if you revise you lesson.
  15. It's better not to play with sharp things.
  16. We must drive carefully on the road.
  17. In my opinion, you should save your money in the bank rather than saving it in the house.
  18. You should always exercise to make you feel healthy.
  19. You should not show your bad manners in front of the public.
  20. If you want to pass your exam, you must study.
  21. He demanded that I should apologize.
  22. He suggested that we should have dinner together.
  23. It is necessary that you should wear a proper dress.